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Schedule of Fees and Charges

The following fees may be assessed, and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account.

Service Fee
Replace Plastic Card $5.00
Non-proprietary ATM fee (per transaction; multiple may be charged during same ATM session) $1.50
Draft Printing Depends on Style
Official/Cashier’s Check – one per day free $1.00
Money Order Fee each $1.00
Convenience/Starter Checks – sheet of four $1.00
VISA Gift Card $3.00
VISA Travel Money Card $5.00
VISA Travel Money Card – per reload (addition of funds to card) $2.00
Returned Deposit Items (per item collected) $10.00
Returned Deposit Items (per item uncollected) $20.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee(s) (per submission or resubmission of an item) $28.00
Overdraft Fee(s) (per submission or resubmission of an item)- Limit 4 per day (Not charged on transactions less than $10) $28.00
Overdraft from Savings Transfer Charge $3.00
Stop Payment Fee (draft good for 6 months, may be renewed for additional 6 months periods by submitting a renewal request in writing) $28.00
Stop Payment Fee (Single/Recurring Preauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer(s)) $28.00
Account Activity Printout – per subaccount $1.00
Statement Copy $3.00
Draft Copy – CU provided $3.00
Draft Copy – Online/Mobile Banking Free
Value Checking Plus+ Monthly Service Charge $5.00
Photo Copy $0.25
Facsimile Transmission Fee ($1.75 first page, $1.00 every page thereafter)
Incoming Wire $10.00
Domestic Wire (out) $15.00
Foreign Wire (out) $40.00
Cashing/Depositing Check for non-member $5.00
Account re-opening within 12 months $25.00
Account closing within 90 days of opening* $25.00
Garnishment/Tax Levies/Backup Withholding $25.00
Monthly Dormant Account Fee** $10.00
Locator Fee $5.00
Monthly CU*EasyPay! bill payment Fee*** $4.95
Monthly Minimum Balance Fee**** $10.00
Monthly Account Maintenance Fee***** $2.00
Account Research – per hour $30.00
Account Balancing Assistance – per hour $30.00
Member Draft Replacement with Official Check $5.00
VISA Credit Card Late Fee $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees*
3 x 5 $15.00
5 x 5 $20.00
3 x 10 $25.00
5 x 10 $40.00
10 x 10 $70.00
* Fees transferred annually on or around June 1st from Share or Share Draft account. Sales tax applies.
Business Fee Schedule
Business Share Draft Checking Transactions (per month) 100 transactions FREE, then $0.10 each
Business Share Draft Checking Deposited Items (per item) $0.10
Business Share Draft Checking Monthly Service Charge $0.00
Business Checking Plus+ Transactions (per month) 200 transactions FREE, then $0.10 each
Business Checking Plus+ Deposited Items (per item) $0.10
Business Checking Plus+ Monthly Service Charge****** $10.00

* An account closing fee will not be assessed to accounts enrolled in the Campus Connection club account.

** All accounts are considered dormant after 6 months of no activity. The fee will be assessed to accounts with balances less than $100.00. Minor accounts will not be charged.

*** Fee waived if member enrolled in e-statements

**** A primary share account will be assessed a minimum balance fee if the minimum balance of $5.00 is not maintained for any reason. The minimum balance fee will be waived if you are enrolled in the Campus Connection club account.

***** A monthly account maintenance fee will be assessed to your checking account, if you have one, or your regular share account when the aggregate balances on a single member number are less than $250.00 on any day during the month OR your account does not have an active loan or VISA credit card account with VLFCU. The monthly account maintenance fee will be waived if you are enrolled in the Campus Connection club account or are 62 and over and have a checking account with direct deposit and are enrolled in the Golden Members club account.

****** Fee waived if average daily balance of $5,000 is maintained